Instagram Management Service Breakdown

Presentation matters when you create your story on Instagram. Who are you trying to reach? It’s another webpage where people can get to know you and see what you have to offer them.

Instagram packages include marketing, managing your profile, and keeping your profile up-to-date with the newest updates.

We can start with creating content throughout the month or every two weeks. It will vary depending on how much you want to post out there! On average, I would say 5 to 7 times a week. Posting this much will give you an idea of where to find your best time organically.

All you need is an extra hand in pushing content throughout your Instagram Platform.

Next will be hashtags where people can find your post and what they are looking for now. The game plan is to use the right hashtags without bringing in bots. From experience, stick with around popular hashtags that reach 500K and sometimes use hashtags that are about 1 million but know the number, the higher competition is. You will see more bots commenting on your pictures than real people. You can clean it up and remove those nasty bots from the comments.




What if you don’t have a profile on Instagram? I can do a start-up Instagram profile ($147), including a mini strategy ($47). The FREE add-on for you to help with your journey on Instagram.

I would recommend monthly reports and quarterly changes.

Engagement analytics show us where we start and what we can do now to change the strategy because we have to keep up with the times we have to keep up with them and be on top of it. It’s ahead of your competitors in a fun way.

Do not forget to engage with other people sometimes. We can find a target audience through hashtags that reach our target audience. You never know who may find you just by liking and commenting on their paint point providing a solution.

 If you don’t see a service here that I haven’t put on this page you can contact me 


  • You get services from Silver
  • Now you can get 40 posts in 10 carousel images,  20 image posts, and 10 videos connected to reels.
  • Once a monthly phone call and Once a monthly Video call
  • IG Profile Audit every 3 months to keep your Bio fresh and new.
  • Add 20 stories to bring your audience to view your choice of content or link to the website.
  • 20 likes per day and follow 10 target audiences per day.
  • Influencer Campaign


  • 10 images only posts per month that have descriptions using strategic hashtags per month.
  • Engaging in the comments and messages
  • Once a month meeting call.
  • Monthly insights check which helps you see what does and doesn’t work.
  • 10 likes on targeted audiences